In the realm called Valenica, there exists four kingdoms, each unique and crafty in their own way. Which will you choose to exist in?

To the North, covered in a fiery plane of desserts and the skies colored from the dragons who live there, is the Sp'ro Empire, home to the dragon clans, as well as the humanoid dragons, where the strong and mighty thrive, pride being a very high quality.

To the East, covered in villages as far as the eye can see, is the human Kingdom of Armentios, home to the humble humans, some with wizard like abilities, weather they guide, help or hinder in the progression is yet to be known.

To the West, covered in forest with trees connecting each and every way, is the fae Kingdom of Eowililith, where all creatures of fantasy lived from elves to gnomes, from faeries, to goblins. All resided in Eowilith and loved their land of the forest.

To the South is, covered in planes of grass and mountains, is the Pharosember Dynasty, where the skies are covered in smoke almost on a weekly basis and the mountains erupt yearly. This is a haven for Phoenixes of both humanoid and bird like creatures of fantasy.

The last is the Inbetween, where those unsure of their allegiances or those who wish to sneak in some trade with other kingdoms.

Each Kingdom is currently in the building phase, being established as kingdoms only a couple hundred years ago. Villages are being built, provinces being made where Lords and Ladies can rein and help their monarch. No alliances or trade has been established and each kingdom keeps to their own.

Positions of power can be found at the bottom

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Sp'ro Empire

Emporor: (Held for Liam)

Empress: (None; betrothed to Sapphire Serise Eowililith III)

Prince: Liam Sp'ro

Princess: (None)


Duchess: Ebony Firestone

Lords: Bel'nor


Council: Annastasia

Knights/Mages: Mesianth, Dag'ker, Onyx Cross

Kingdom of Eowililith

King: (None; betrothed to Liam Sp'ro)

Queen: (Held for Sapphire)

Prince: (None)

Princess: Sapphire Serise Eowililith III

Duke: Ivan Kranjenko



Assassins: Belial T'orgh, Kiara T'orgh

Knights/Mages: Duncan Gillcrease, Sebastian, Theokracy Elmereth Nightfern, Jadakiniamelreth Nightfern, Drevian Kranjenko

Kingdom of Armentios

King: Scott Armentios

Queen: (Must be Scott's wife)








Arch mage: Morrigan

Keeper of Knowledge: Aelin Zendith

Assassin: Arrow (Dove Emberstone)

Knights/Battle mages: Maxcameronch 

Pharosember Dynasty

King: (Trinity's Husband)

Queen: Trinity Pharosember

Prince: Drason Pharosember

Princess: Tabatha Pharosember




Knights/Mages: Stephan Blackheart, Walter Von Ulrich, Chris Grimberoth, Jaehaerys

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